Tags allow you to deploy (or get) only specifically tagged deployments. This can help in a variety of scenarios. For example:

  • Perhaps you only want to deploy items tagged 'Prod' or 'Dev'
  • Perhaps you want to only deploy items tagged 'Azure' or 'AzureStack'

Two functions allow you to filter on tags:

  • Invoke-PSDeploy
  • Get-PSDeployment

Let's look at an example of each. We'll use the following psdeploy.ps1 file to illustrate:

Deploy MyModule {
    By Filesystem {
        FromSource MyModule
        To \\Path\To\Share\MyModule
        Tagged Prod

    By Filesystem {
        FromSource $SourceShare\Dev\MyModule
        To C:\Testing\MyModule
        Tagged Dev

Here's what you get without filtering tags:

Get-PSDeployment -Path C:\PSDeployFrom\my.psdeploy.ps1


Maybe we only want to look at Dev deployments:

Get-PSDeployment -Path C:\PSDeployFrom\my.psdeploy.ps1 -Tags Dev


Finally, we can filter out deployments using this tag:

Invoke-PSDeploy -Tags Dev